Improve Quality of life:

  • Provide relief for homeowners who reside in their homes from property tax by bringing the residential exemption from 35% to 40%.
  • Focus on zoning strategies and policies that incentivize the building of family-oriented housing, especially around current and future transit stops, accessible for a mix of income levels.
  • Upgrade and improve existing open space and playgrounds. I will use my experience in government to bring in the resources necessary to improve and expand the programming in the existing open space in Ward 4.
  • Implement a comprehensive traffic-calming plan for Ward 4.
  • I will work with the school department and the administration to bring in the resources necessary to provide the children in that school with the recreational and learning space they deserve. We need more play and outdoor learning spaces as well as open space within the school grounds.


Engagement and Constituent Services:

  • Frequent neighborhood meetings to hear about and address concerns directly and in person. I will also provide timely and accurate information to all residents of Ward 4 regarding issues of concern in our neighborhoods. Whether you speak Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese, you’ll have the ability to communicate directly with your Alderman.
  • Use my experience in government to advocate for all the residents of ward 4 regardless of their origin, race or political beliefs. As an immigrant and an American citizen, I am uniquely qualified to understand and address the array of issues and concerns in our ward.
  • Ensure that our neighborhood concerns are communicated to the Administration and addressed in a timely fashion. As someone who intimately understands how local government functions, I know how to promptly and effectively address the quality of life issues that arise in our neighborhoods. 


Smart Growth and Development that works for residents:

  • Activate the Star Market site.
  • Advocate and support a community-based planning process that ensures that any development on the Star Market site, Winter Hill and Ward 4 adds value to our neighborhoods, improves pedestrian access and provides us with amenities the neighborhood needs.  
  • Use my government experience to advocate for the private and public resources needed for infrastructure upgrades, to reduce congestion and increase safety for all users.